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  • Prede's Anime Reviews
    The purpose of this blog is to review anime movies, TV series, and OVAs which aren’t well known, but should be! So it tends to focus on the old shows everyone forgot about, shows no one ever heard of, the new stuff no one seems to watch, old classics which don’t get enough attention, and anything weird. Reviews tend to be positive because we're not going to dig up some old forgotten anime that will bore you to sleep. We tend to get a kick out of watching shows that are a little off the beaten path, a little strange, but you can’t help but love them. From time to time we do review things that get us excited about this medium, even if everyone else knows about it. But main point for this blog is to hopefully point you into the direction of some old gems, that need more love. As Justin Sevakis once famously said “Anime tastes better when you have to work for it.”.
  • LostLink, wrong way to Japan!
    Amusings from the UK and Deconstructive Criticism of Japanese Visual Culture. (in other words, a Brit anime blog)
  • Engrish (dot) com
    Because you know it's funny.
  • Star Crossed Anime Blog
    good Anime blogger; too bad you can't subscribe via RSS...so click this link to get caught up, eh.
  • The Car Driver
    Anime blogger.
  • Hashihime
    English anime source from Japan.
  • Anime Princess
    Female Anime blogger.
  • The Null Set
    another Anime blogger.